Dominic Scott

Laura Rylands

I grew up in a small town in the north of England. As a child my mum recognised my creative personality, particularly when it came to music – understanding I had an innate ability and what she called “an ear” for music. As I grew up, this was encouraged to develop through my hobbies such as keyboard lessons, saxophone lessons and dance classes.

I pursued a natural progression – as I dreamed of becoming a professional dancer. I realised to achieve success in this industry I would need to live in London – so I moved here ten years ago. It was everything I expected it to be and more – with its ever changing, fast and chaotic environment, yet vibrant character. Who could help but fall in love with this city – I certainly did.

I have worked hard to be successful throughout my dancing career, and enjoyed the achievements and opportunities it brought. However, as in all careers, the intensity of work begins to take its toll. Eventually I recognised that I needed to establish a practice of my own, to improve my emotional/mental and physical wellbeing – this is when I discovered the world of energy therapy through Reiki and Sound healing.

On a personal level – encountering Reiki and Sound healing has taught me how to recognise and work though times of stress and struggle – whether it be anxiety or depression. It has enabled me to appreciate how to look for positive viewpoints in a negative situation and move forward – empowering me to train my body and mind as a whole.

This has inspired me to help others – as such in 2016 I trained as a Sound Therapist, following up with training in Reiki in 2018 and completing my Reiki Master/Teacher ‘SHINPIDEN’ qualification in 2020. My goal is to teach others how to recognise and come to terms with any emotional issues or imbalances they may be experiencing, through the systems and science of Reiki and Sound. Thus offering two simple practices but with profound abilities to facilitate healing.

It is my belief that we are all capable of achieving great things in our life – this can be accomplished once we take good care of our body and our mind – alleviating stress, overcoming emotional difficulties and connecting to ourselves on a deeper level.