In our one on one sessions, you can choose between Reiki or Sound Therapy, or a combination of the two. Together we’ll work out the best approach for you, dependant on your needs and wants, ahead of our session to maximise our time together. I have a calm and comfortable treatment space in East London, where you can relax and we can begin to address any imbalances you may be experiencing. Allowing the body to embrace its natural healing processes and harmonise.

60 minutes // £80
90 minutes // £100

Remote Reiki Healing

As Reiki has the ability to be received remotely all that is required from you at the time of your session is to be in an undisturbed space where you can lay down comfortably for the duration of the treatment.

You can choose to have a session facilitated online or one completely free of any technology. An online session would begin with a video call to connect and have some dialogue about any intentions you have for the treatment. I will then guide you through a short meditation before sharing Reiki with you. These sessions are designed for those that like to experience more clarity and connectivity when receiving a treatment.

If you would prefer the tech-free option, once booked I will be in touch to organise availability to confirm your appointment and to discuss anything you are wishing to achieve from the session. When we have allocated a time, you will receive a text at the beginning of the session and then at the end of the session to minimise your screen time. Thus allowing you to switch off completely from the outside world -connect to yourself on a deeper level, opening yourself up to your own natural healing abilities.

Whether you are just down the road or halfway across the globe remote Reiki healing enables practitioners to be able to give a treatment to anyone that is not able to make it in person. If this sounds like the session for you or anyone you know I would love to hear from you!

45 minutes // £50.00

I look forward to hearing from you
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