What is sound therapy?

Sound therapy, also known as music therapy, is another form of energy healing.  Sound has been used as a method of healing for over thousands of years in ancient cultures across the world and it has been proven to boost our immune system, decrease stress, heighten creativity and enhance our overall brain and body performance. Based on the knowledge we are vibratory beings it helps to ensure that the frequencies of the energy systems within our bodies are all vibrating harmoniously. Being healthy means every aspect of our being is vibrating in harmony at its natural resonance. Through rejuvenating and restoring the body’s own resonant frequencies, any imbalance ceases and healing occurs.

Recent scientific studies that have examined our genetic code found it analogous to music, and are researching ways in which sound may be able to affect healing through our DNA.

How does sound therapy work?

Similar, to Reiki healing, Sound therapy works to restore the natural balance in our bodies. It is based on a method called ‘entrainment’ which allows two oscillating objects to come into resonance. Simply put, imagine our bodies are like musical instruments, they can be disharmonised when exposed to high levels of stress or emotional challenges. When this happens, a part of our body starts to vibrate at a different rate and it immediately becomes out of tune with everything else.

Sound healing uses various instruments like Gongs, Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, flutes, drums or chimes, all tuned to positive frequencies to entrain the brain and stimulate the Alpha, Theta and Gamma brain waves into a deeper meditative and peaceful state whilst resonating with the body at a cellular level, alleviating stress and releasing emotional blockages